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How can your business benefit from coaching?

In these difficult times, your employees, directors and board members can be your best assets, yet just when you need them, they may be temporarily frightened of change, worried by the press and not looking after their health, taking their eye off the ball.

Business Coaching allows people to:

Business coaching Sheffield with Karen Perkins
  • Understand and address their concerns, in a confidential and supportive atmosphere
  • Remember what makes them brilliant
  • Build their confidence to tackle new challenges
  • Work out what motivates them and what they personally can do to embrace change and see it as a challenge
  • Re-visit their work objectives and goals in a new positive light, and increase their performance, innovation, creativity and output
  • Choose to stay and contribute to success
  • Take advantage of your Wellness and HR policies to keep well and reduce stress
  • Choose another path which they have been thinking about for some time e.g. working part time, taking on a different job role, setting out as a consultant, or actively seeking out placing to maintain their current hours and continuous permanent employment

In my work, I find that many people approach their work with a new vigour after coaching, or identify skills which are underused and can contribute to their employers continuing success. Often they have been under confident of making suggestions which could benefit both themselves and their employer. Approaches that do not use the 'coaching' method to seek out underlying motivation, will not deliver the same sustained level of positive change.

Gain motivation from Business Coaching Achieve your goals with business coaching

Employees really value the time and investment that organisations put in to their ongoing employee development and training. They appreciate even more a proactive approach to facing the challenges of the current economic situation. Business Coaching offers a confidential and safe way to support managers and HR to address performance and up skilling issues in difficult times. Coaching is an ideal partner for Wellness and stress reduction programmes.

Should I stay or should I go?

Many employers use consultants to ‘outplace’ staff. Coaching provides the insight to individuals to help them understand what motivates them, and thus to make the right future choice for themselves.

Employers facing changing economic circumstances can look for innovative solutions that allow them to retain an excellent relationship with valued staff in difficult times. One example is where staff have actively sought secondments and outsourced themselves to other employers, to retain full time and permanent work. Coaching helps both staff and employers understand what is required and look for positive outcomes on both sides. Coaching allows people to explore scenarios that frighten them, in confidence so they can work out how to decide on their best choices and options.

Building a positive relationship with previous employees leaves the door open for their return in better times.

Work Life Balance

My executive coaching always looks at this as an integral part of coaching. Many coachees start with a mixture of work and home based issues, and as they develop confidence, come back to sessions saying they have found new tools to cope with these through coaching and now want to concentrate on the work and performance issues. They take the tools home with them, and improvements there have a positive effect on their performance at work. It is win - win.

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