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Later Life Planning and Coaching: 60+

Retirement coaching Sheffield by Karen Perkins

Working with Older People, their relatives and carers - to help them live life to the full.

I work with people who may be re-locating to Sheffield to be near relatives, or thinking about downsizing or moving to more suitable housing in a different part of the city.

I use my experience in Housing, working with older people, and being a Carer in Sheffield, to help people uncover what they would like to improve, and then build a tailored plan to achieve this.

I have helped people:

  • Get motivated to enjoy life !
  • Understand how to get the help and advice they need
  • Make friends in a new area or housing scheme
  • Find out about social activities, health events and build up the confidence to attend
  • Do this in the most cost effective way
  • I can sign post people to lots of different activities, and help them negotiate help from the council and other places where it's available
  • Just have someone to talk to, whilst they build up new friendships
  • Live their life to the full!

One example was where I helped an elderly lady who had just moved to Sheffield, to settle in her new flat. We had a jolly session with tea and cake to look at what she had done over her life, what made her proud, what her family were up to, and what she missed, and then I helped her work out how she was going to make friends, and build up her confidence. This was important for her as her daughter worked full time, and wanted to make sure her mum was happy and settled. She asked me to accompany her to a lunch club and to be there when she invited neighbours round for tea and got to know them. This meant she had a sustainable social life and did not feel 'a burden' on her daughter, who herself had peace of mind when she was at work.

In my work I don’t get involved in any financial matters. I can signpost people to reliable agencies or advisors. I do however have a good knowledge of what funding is out there and where to get it, and this forms part of the coaching package. The individual would choose how to take this forward. Some people are able to claim the costs of coaching as part of the new personalised budgets system. Before coaching we sign an agreement about confidentiality and my role as a facilitator, as coaching is not about 'telling people what they should do', it is enabling them to clarify and reach their goals.

Flexible friendly help for you, you relatives and carers.

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"I was feeling very down about retiring. I had worked for 37 years and was fearful of having so much time on my hands and also the lack of the daily company of my colleagues. However, working full time and the stress of the job was having an affect on my health. Karen helped me to think positively. She was confident, intuative and sympathetic in her approach. When my thoughts were somewhat 'blinkered' at times, Karen helped by suggesting to me a number of ideas I had never thought of. She helped me to realise that life-balance and personal happiness do not necessarily depend on earning more money and being successful at work, that other things have a much bigger impact on our well-being. Karen helped me to overcome my anxieties. I am now happily retired, pursuing many interests."
L Scott (retired teacher)

Fees and Charges: see the Chance to Change and Rapid Results programme.

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From Sheffield and
the Peak District

Coaching throughout the UK and worldwide via Zoom