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Life Coaching Testimonials

Life Coaching Sheffield with Karen Perkins

"I got the job. Thanks for the support! The employers feedback was 'You absolutely smashed the interview and blew the panel away, really well done!' "
Career Coachee, Senior Third Sector Manager 2023

"My career coaching session with Karen was really helpful. Karen is enthusiastic and interested - she has lots of ideas and suggestions around how I can plan my next career step. She sent me lots of tools, techniques, different websites and articles to read - all in all, Karen has given me a wide range of resources to help me with my new job search. It was a thought-provoking, positive and lively session - thanks Karen!"
Career Coachee July 2023

"Thank you so much for this email - it's so informative and helpful!"
Coachee June 2023

"Thank you so much for all your effort with me, I really appreciate your help I wouldn't be here without your guidance."
Career Coachee Senior Research post May 2023

"I just got a call from London, they offered me the job 🙂 Thanks for your support to prepare for the interview and questions."
Community based Third sector Middle Manager, Feb 2023

"I have been formally offered a new job that starts at the end of my redundancy notice ... I am very pleased that its sorted"
Financial Services Coachee & CV 2022

"I feel so happy ! Everythings changed for the better, I am finally doing what I wanted to do!"
Creative sector Coachee 2022

"Thank you so much for today. It was fantastic talking to you today! Thank you so much for your time and clarification! Your information is very helpful and clear !!!"
Graduate Career Coachee Jan 2023

"Just letting you know I've actually had two job offers and need to decide between them at our next session !"
Coachee 2022

"The session I had with you definitely has been helpful and I'm managing my emotions and feelings better."
Thank you. Nov 2022

"Thanks for the session today and all the great ideas!
Career Change Coachee Sept 2022

"I found the methods you showed me to prep for interview questions, very helpful. I had never looked at it in that way before"
Career Coachee 2022

"I felt confident and prepared for my interviews
Coachee Oct 2022

"It has taken about 5 years but I finally got there in the end."
Coachee Sept 2022

"I just wanted to say thank you again for your help earlier this year with developing my CV. I think I said it at the time but in case I didn't I wanted to say how useful it was not just for the finished CV but more importantly it helped to really draw out past experiences and achievements. When I came to interviews everything was so fresh in my mind and it helped me give some really good examples when answering questions."

"I've been offered three jobs in the last month and despite efforts from my company to retain me I've given my notice in today. Really excited about the new role and a big thank you for your help - invaluable! "
Career Coachee April 2022

"I first hired Karen to help me in my career change. I had started working towards returning to an environmental career but felt overwhelmed at all the options and diversity of language for similar roles. Karen helped by giving me tools and exercises to complete allowing self reflection, she held space for me to really look into what I wanted to do. Her support helped me identify my areas of strength and development, but also helped me plan my search. The most important thing I developed with her help is the confidence and belief that I was capable of making the change."
Rosemary Mar 2022

"Thank you very much for all your help, it did prove most helpful."

"Personally I cannot think of anyway in which you could improve your service."
Coachee 2021

"Just to let you know that I received a job offer last week. Thanks again for all your help and it was really interesting to think about what jobs are out there. I'll definitely keep some of your hints for the future."
Career Coachee 2021

"Thanks Karen. You have been amazing. Thank you."
Career Coachee 2021

"Your coaching helped immensely"
Career Planning Coachee 2021

"Thanks for all your help and support so far and I hope I can still get in touch if I need your services in future."
Business start up Coachee 2021

"Wow Karen, this is amazing, incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for putting this information together."
Business start-up & Life Coaching Coachee 2021

"Hi Karen! Lovely talking to you yesterday as well despite the technical issues! You made see the whole process from a different point of view so I am grateful for it."
Covid Career & interview coachee 2020

Hi Karen, I’m writing, first and foremost, to say THANK YOU for all your coaching support over the past 9 months. It has been an incredible journey, and we are proud of the 12 new Later Life ventures that have been created - and we could not have done it without the Coach's support, guidance, time, and help. We are extremely grateful. The 12 companies represent a very diverse group of passionate founders:

• 8 out of the 12 companies have a female founder
• 50% of the Founders are international
• 26% of the Founders are BAME
• the average age of the Founders is 36

The products and services they have launched, with your help, focus on a range of issues including hearing loss, bereavement, cognitive decline, menopause treatment, mobility, pelvic floor issues, social isolation and loneliness, nutrition, and incontinence. Thank you so much! We really look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
All the best, The Zinc team!

What did you feel like after Karens coaching? How did it help you?
"Excellent service. I felt energised & motivated to take steps to start my business & more confident. Very much an individual, personal approach, Karen clearly had thought about my business. A very positive helpful experience & Karen put me on the right track with strategies to move forward."
Louise S Fit-sox.co.uk, Personal Trainer 2020 (Business Coaching)

"Karen has been an excellent Life and Work Coach over the last 12 months. From the offset Karen was very friendly and approachable. She has advised me in areas that needed improvement and work, to get my art business back on track. She has also provided me with face to face coaching, online marketing tools and business strategies to make my business work more productively and to make my art work much more visible in the creative industries and beyond. I would definitely recommend her services!"
Creative Coachee, May 2020

"I got in touch with Karen because I felt lost in terms of what career to follow and needed help to be more assertive. She quickly got back to me, arranged a time to meet and sent me some useful pre-work - unfortunately, lockdown due to Covid-19 struck! Karen gave me an extra support session via video call as a stopgap and suggested we meet properly at a later session, and gave me lots of practical things to think about in the meantime. I really appreciate such a generous gesture and look forward to working with her again when circumstances get better."
April 2020

"Lovely to meet you, Karen, and thanks for your amazing help today"
Creative coachee, Dec 2019

"Really enjoyed today’s coaching session, you’ve given me loads of ideas"
Creative coachee, Dec 2019

I just rang for some tips for my daughter … I knew you would help!
Previous coachee, Dec 2019

What impressed you most about your coaching experience?
"The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and way it was carried out, not too much pressure, and at my own pace."
Redundancy coachee, Nov 2019

Overall Service: "I found it really useful to sound out my ideas and Karen helped me to identify, which ones I was most interested in. I was able to open my mind and look at the positives, rather than focus on the negatives and reasons why I couldn’t set up my own business. The quality of the coaching session was excellent & the conversation was all relevant to my business. Very easy to talk to, non-judgemental, open minded and helpful."
What impressed you most about your coaching experience?: "It was liberating and helped remove some of the barriers stopping me." What could we have done better? Nothing
Any other comments? "I’ve since given up my job and started my own fitness business called Fab-Fit and offer fitness classes and goal based personal training sessions in and around the Chesterfield and Sheffield area."
SG Sheffield, Winter 2019

Excellent and friendly/welcoming & delivered at my own pace. Very good value for money and a lot of very useful knowledge/information sharing. The sessions were very helpful and helped me prepare well for semi-retirement. The help was very good on NHS, taxation, websites, groups, community groups, etc for my new business.
Redundancy coachee, Autumn 2019

"It was really useful to practise interview techniques and discuss how to talk about my skills at interview"
Teenage Interview Coachee, Summer 2019

"I feel I've come through such a crazy time over the past six months and wanted to thank you for your help."
Career Coachee, Spring 2019

"I had very good feedback from @@@@"
Agency Coachee Feedback, Spring 2019

Please rate Karen Perkins Coaching
1 Overall Service: very good
2 Pre coaching Homework: very good
3 Booking Arrangements/Venue: excellent
4 Value for money: very good
5 Tailored to me: excellent
6 Relevance to my business / organisation: very good
7 Quality of coaching session: excellent
8 Your coach: excellent
9 Coaching handouts and material: very good
10 Any follow up: very good
What impressed you most about your coaching experience?
Thinking outside the box and encouraging me to consider 'personal brand'
JT Career Coachee Summer 2019

Kindest regards and hopefully see you soon! The session was very helpful.
Top up session Life Coachee Jan 2019

I have got a new job and really enjoying it... I feel good here. Finally, I can walk to work without a cloud above my head! Thank you for your help.
Jan 2019

Excellent. Your service opened my eyes to many aspects of social media I didn’t have a clue about and in many cases didn’t know existed. Your manner was excellent, open and friendly and helpful without any sense of impatience with a novice in this area. Before the session I had been wary that I would feel uncomfortable or bossed about by someone with a dynamic business approach, trying to turn my writing into a one person industry, but in the session I did not feel like that at all. You seem good at tuning your approach to the individual before you.
Social Media Coachee Jan 2019

What did you gain from the sessions ? Confidence to start. It’s OK to press the button! You can delete a tweet if you need to, and people do not really care about my tweets so I can experiment/get it wrong whilst I am learning!
What new strengths or skills did you gain from the experiences ?
Strengths – I feel more resilient in relation to Social Media/Twitter.
Skills – I know which buttons to press!
What was the one thing you benefitted from or enjoyed the most ?
I felt the beginnings of excitement for the medium!

Social Media Coachee Jan 2019

Karen’s practical, supportive advice boosted my confidence at a time I really needed it. It helped me put things in perspective and realise that what had happened to me wasn’t personal just rubbish and that I have the power to change that by first changing the way I thought about it. High quality, more than just career coaching. They way in which Karen communicates allowed me to take more from the session than just ‘career’ advice. I like Karen’s communication style, confident, factual and sure. I felt Karen had wide work experience and this made me feel confident in her advice. Karen clearly attends lots of networking/info type events which adds to her ability to provide advice.
Tailored to me: Yes.  Overall Service: Excellent.

Life & Career coachee, Dec 2018

This is amazing - thanks so much Karen!
Gift Voucher Feedback, Dec 2018

Hi Karen, I was going to message you to tell you I got it! Thanks again for taking my call the other day it really helped.
Career Coachee, Oct 2018

You put me at ease right from my first contact, which is very important in coaching scenario. It was very useful for me to talk to you about what’s going on in my case. Thanks for all the great ideas you shared during and after the meeting - very helpful. Overall service: Very Good
Business Career Coachee, Autumn 2018

"I remembered the stuff we talked about in terms of customers and it must have worked because they offered me the job and I start next month. I really do appreciate all the hard work and professionalism you gave when teaching me interview answers, techniques and skills."
Career coachee, July 2018

"Hi Karen, Thanks for the feedback from our last meeting. I found our meetings extremely helpful and won’t hesitate to recommend you."
Retirement Coachee S Yorks, May 2018

"Many thanks for your help - which I found to be professional and stimulating, Karen. I would gladly recommend you to others if anyone were to ask me."
Retirement options Coachee June 2018

"I really enjoyed talking to you and got some great insight into employability and future work paths."
Coaching Taster, May 2018

What did you feel like after coaching ? How did it help you ? "Very good, felt good after the coaching session, helped in confirming what I already knew and helped to focus me."
Business Career Coachee, S Yorks May 2018

"Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just been offered a job as an *********. It seems actually going to the interviews prepared pays off!"
Coachee May 2018

Creative coachee "Thanks Karen, really happy with the end results and the clients are over the moon so can hope to receive a glowing testimonial! Thanks for sessions I've found them really helpful and can feel the focus and things taking shape, thanks for all your input! Please do send me a testimonial for my feedback! Just had an email from new client too and he's accepted my quote!
EU coachee May 2018

What impressed you most about your coaching experience? "How a second pair of eyes could make complete sense of what I was aiming for and the route to go for it"
Your coach "Excellent - passionate and very motivational"
How did it help you ? "Very good - I’m usually very organised but felt so overwhelmed at the time. You helped me back onto the organised road"
Business Coachee May 2018

"Karen is an outstanding coach, she helped me realise my full potential and understand who I am and all the great things I could achieve. I would recommend Karen with confidence that she would assist any person in achieving their goals. "
Coachee 2018 Linkedin Recommendation

"Thanks again for the session yesterday, it was very eye opening and helpful."
Business coachee 2018

What impressed you most about your coaching experience? "How you easily broke down the steps towards brain storming ideas and simplified it. I came off the phone motivated and with a much clearer idea on how to identify my business idea and move this forward and felt more confident to do so."
Business coachee 2018

"As promised - just to let you know that I got that job & one thing that they did mention was a very well written Covering Letter :) - so thanks Rachel (my CV associate) very much for that too."
Coachee 2018

"Hi Karen, thanks for today, it was uplifting."
Coachee 2018

"Thank you, I’ve been successful in getting a part time role with ***** It’s only a ***** role but is a step in the right direction and a good way to build my confidence & knowledge."
Coachee 2018

"Thank you so much for a great session, the links and lots of interesting information! I took lots of new ideas with me. Much appreciated. Very enriching. Thanks a lot for all the advice regarding LinkedIn and Twitter! That was great, too."
Career Coachee Postgrad, Autumn 2017

"What impressed you most about your coaching experience? The friendly, caring approach of the coach and her depth of knowledge."
Life Coachee Nov 2017

"Dear Karen, I would just like to say that it was lovely to meet you and I found the overall experience of your service excellent. I really felt that your advice was tailored very specifically to my requirements and that it really mattered to you to be able to help. Your friendly approachable manner was lovely and you have really inspired me to go out there and be brave! Thank you so much."
Life coachee Nov 2017 Name supplied

"What impressed you most about your coaching experience?
- So helpful to get an appointment quickly as I was feeling quite stressed. Also, the tools and guidance really helped me to stay focused and think about my values Overall Service Excellent - I got an appointment the same evening and it was a really useful session - helped me to clarify my choices and my thoughts.
Booking Value for money Arrangements/Venue - all very good
Value for money - very good
Tailored to me - excellent
Relevance to my business / organisation - excellent
Quality of coaching session - excellent
Your coach - excellent - very personable, kept me on track, understood my dilemmas, and very professional and knowledgeable in her field
Coaching handouts and material - excellent - received lots of useful tools to take away and it was especially helpful that Karen jotted things down for me as we talked"

Career & Life coachee Autumn 2017

"I have so appreciated your ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement!"
Career Coachee Mar 2017

"I wanted to let you know that I was offered the job. Thanks again for all your help and support, it’s much appreciated."
Career Coachee Mar 2017

"You gave me hope ( smiley face ). Your tips are fantastic "
Career coachee Mar 17

"Hi Karen, Thank you so much for yesterday, you made responding to a person spec' a lot of fun and your whole manner is very empowering and confidence boosting, endorsing that my previous job roles are valuable and appropriate for succeeding in the new post I have my sights on. Thank you for the home work you sent to prepare me even further to hit the ground running if I am offered the post. I will stay in touch and let you know when I hear about the shortlisting. Kind Regards."
C South Yorks

"Just to let you know that I got the job the other day :) Thank you for your time and support! "
Coachee S Yorks Jul 17

"I would just like to say an enormous thank you to you and, where appropriate, you colleagues for giving up your time last night to ensure that our 'Make a Difference' Careers Fair really did make a difference. From speaking to parents, students and staff as they were leaving last night, they had clearly found the conversations they had with you highly informative and thought provoking. I sincerely hope it will have encouraged some of our students to consider careers/courses that might not have occurred to them before and also to understand that life is very often about taking opportunities as they arise and making the most of where they lead rather than having a cunning plan as a teenager that turns out exactly as you expect it to! It is fantastic for me to have been able to add you all to my contacts list and I hope to be able to draw on your expertise over the coming months/years to make sure our students receive the support they need to build exciting and meaningful careers. With my heartfelt thanks and best wishes"
Carole Hall, Head of Careers Sheffield High School March 2017

"Thank you so much for the CV workshop/meeting. Here are my comments: (Please keep me anonymous)
What did you like best?
• Very practical and detailed information on how to structure my CV, update it and what to include or remove from it.
• Great advice on how to present myself, skills and talents to a future employer through my CV.

How did we help you?
• You helped me to look at my other skills and talents and frame them in a way that makes me more employable.
• A boost in confidence. Thank you.

What could we have done better? None."

Autumn 2017

"Thank you very much, I’m really pleased with the CV and it has really helped to kick start a more proactive phase. My CV has always been a stumbling block and stopped me from applying for things. Fingers crossed it is received well and I can get some suitable and enjoyable freelance work."
JR Oct 2017

"Thank you for the session I had, I found it useful and it's certainly helped me get more confident with talking to other people. The Skype stuff helped as I was confident and kept looking at the camera etc. Overall it's helped me a lot so a big Thank you."
Career Coachee S Yorks 2017

"Karen quickly puts you at ease, helps you identify your short and long term goals, and then provides the tools to help you achieve them. I thoroughly enjoyed my first set of sessions with Karen - so much so I went back for a second helping. Karen helped me to realise that I had the skills I needed already but I just needed to learn how to use them, and I came away a much more confident and focused person. Highly recommended!"
JM S Yorks. Facebook 5 stars

"Karen helped me find new direction both with personal problems and also my new business venture. She is friendly, inviting and helps you get the best out of what you have."
DT S Yorks. Facebook 5 Stars

"That's a really lovely blog post with fab pictures which I've just published on the blog, thank you so much! Would you have time to do any more?!"
WI group Yorkshire

"Karen gave Endeavour some brilliant advice on how to make the most of Twitter as a free tool to help raise awareness of our work and build our profile. The tricks and tips she taught us have helped us make our Twitter profile so much more engaging and we have gained plenty of new followers as a result."
Graham Booth, Corporate Engagement Manager

"Had a couple of interviews over the last few weeks, and have been offered a job with a Top 10 solicitors firm."

"Thank you Karen, for coming in at short notice and for delivering the goods. We all learnt something new. "
(Social Media awareness session for Sheffield 50+)

"Just been offered a post at a Russell group University"

"Just wanted to let you know I applied for a job and have been offered it!! It's a management role so I'm really pleased! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me over the last couple of years. Everything you helped me with has now paid off!"

"Guess what I got the job!!!! " Executive coachee Aug 2016

"Many thanks for the session. Really enjoyed it. Taught me a lot." Social media coachee Aug 2016

"Great news, I have been offered the position. I would like to thank you for all the advice and tips you gave me for the interview." Coachee May 2016

"I wanted to let you know I have been offered the job. I don't think I'd have had the confidence to put myself in for it if it wasn't for the work I've done with you, so just want to say a huge thank you." Coachee 2016

"I was somewhat dubious about the value of coaching before embarking on it myself. The overwhelmingly positive nature of the coaching experience has resulted in a radical shift in my opinions and I would now wholeheartedly recommend good, personally tailored coaching to anyone who is interested in their personal and professional development." Coachee S Yorks 2015

"The cost of the sessions is more than justified by the opportunities for paid work that they have already presented, or will lead to in future. Coaching should be seen as an investment in yourself and your potential." Coachee 2015

"Very Good. Karen is warm, friendly and professional, easy to get along with and possesses valuable knowledge and skills that she is happy to share and demonstrate." Coachee Sheffield 2015

"I have found our sessions really helpful and now feel I have a clearer direction." Business start up coachee Sept 2015

"Feedback was that I did interview very well and I felt I had used some of your techniques successfully in that regard." Interview Coachee August 2015

"Thank you for your help and assistance, I doubt I would have had the confidence to leave my old position and have interviewed well enough to get this new position without it."
Career Coachee, Derbyshire. May 2015

"When I was still pretty woolly around Social Media I sought out the help of @fabcoach, Karen Perkins. She was really great and came to my house to work with me. She was patient, friendly and when I began to get frustrated she very reassuring, telling me that I would soon get the hang of it. I have gone on to use both FB and Twitter successfully for two businesses. Nowadays when I get stuck or need to ask a question Karen is very generous with her time and is more than ready to answer any questions I may have. If you want to see what I'm doing please follow me on twitter @bryonydoran @CybermouseMultiMedia and on.fb.me/1r8EdQS"
Bryony Doran, Author Sheffield

"Karen - you are a great coach! I got so much from our sessions - you challenged me and really made me think. You should be really proud of yourself and your business x"
Coachee SE England recieved via Facebook

"In July 2014, I recognised that I required some assistance in preparing for my next career move and sought Karen's expert help in order to prepare me for an interview and group exercise. Karen enabled me to effectively prepare for the final stages of the recruitment process with a series of tools and techniques. Her personable and supportive approach allowed me to recognise and highlight my strengths which got me the job I wanted. I would recommend Karen to anyone looking for a short, sharp session on interview preparation."
Helen, S Yorks

It was clear from the start the service that Karen was offering and how we would be working together. Although I originally booked for 4 sessions, after one session I decided that what I really wanted to do was return to full-time education. Karen was supportive of this and understood I would no-longer need to complete the course. Just by talking to Karen for an hour allowed me to think more clearly about what I wanted. Her supportive attitude and encouragement to see the possibilities available was very helpful. Overall Service – Excellent!
C Brown

"Karen was focussed, took time to explain what we were doing and why. She answered loads of questions, both in and after the session and was prompt sending info. I have started to put into practice what we discussed and am seeing a difference. Excited about working with her again!"
D Somerset-Malia (Twitter & Social Media Coaching)

"Karen gave me much needed twitter coaching. I had been on twitter for quite a while, but was just blindly stumbling along. After Karen's helpful tips and advice I have connected with an American author who has just sent me through her childrens manuscript to illustrate. Without Karens tuition this wouldn't have happened."
N Holmshaw

"I found Karen Perkins on the web at a time I was looking for someone to help me work out how to get out of a very demotivating and demoralising job. It was also a time of great emotional upheaval." read more

"I received four sessions of life coaching with Karen Perkins. I found the sessions to be relaxed, but task oriented in order to achieve progress at each meeting. Karen was encouraging in allowing you to draw out your own thoughts and positive about outcomes that may not have previously seemed possible. The coaching certainly led me to take one decision that I had been debating for some time, making my goals clear and convincing me that my proposed course of action was correct. This led me to reduce my hours to work 4 days per week which has helped my work/life balance. I found the coaching beneficial and Karen a very good coach."
J Haslam

Over the past year we have met for life coaching sessions. Karen has encouraged me to identify things that motivate me and set clear goals for myself. This has helped me make some positive changes to my life. For example I have been successful in carrying out major changes to my house which previously I had been avoiding.
C Walton

Goal and how confident were you of achieving your goal... % at start % after coaching Comments/Outcomes
To build a satisfying and rewarding new career that compliments my lifestyle needs over the coming years 20% 95% It just needs to be successful, but other than that it’s all done!
Build confidence and resilience 60% 95% Just what I needed when I needed

Business Coaching Testimonials

"I found the coaching extremely useful not only in unlocking my self confidence but by giving me a different way of thinking and approaching work and my personal life. It taught me how to use qualities that I already possessed but was not using to their full potential and also gave me new qualities that have enabled me to progress this further. It helped me think more strategically through any issues that I encountered and I was far better placed to overcome those issues by approaching them in this way. By doing this in both my work and my personal life I have become far more confident and in fact happier within myself. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through the coaching programme."
Coachee Derbyshire

"Karen supported me to unearth possibilities for myself and to encourage me to build the steps and confidence needed to achieve them. She is intuitive and creative. She has helped me look outside traditional management ideas in my goals, to develop and be able to manage change at work. I find her style of working very productive as she coaches me, encourages me to look for innovative yet practical and effective ideas. She helps me work through my plans and how to make sure they happen. She has been good at coaching me to build resilience and self esteem at times when I have 'dared' to take on challenging projects and a more senior role."

"Karen is good at being non judgemental, and working from the premise that ‘everyone deserves a chance to make a change and discover their potential’. I have seen her put this into practice with staff members who others had ‘written off’, yet are now valuable and productive team members."
K Scott

Dating Coaching Comments

"Karen helped me be clear on what type of man and relationship could suit my busy life and juggling teeneagers and a job ! Her perceptive questions and tips improved my on-line dating profile, and how I decide who to date! I now allow myself to see Dating as Fun, not a chore. I have a choice now, and the pressure is off!! I look forward positively to meeting new men, having a fun date, and possibly look forward to a long term meaningful relationship. I am even trying Speed Dating after her consultation with me."
Dating Divorcee Sheffield, name supplied

Executive and Business Coaching - comments

  • I feel much more motivated
  • As I am in a new job role coaching has been better than an induction cos you learn more
  • You have to find different ways of learning yourself
  • Having to plan the stages of my goals has made me more disciplined
  • I feel 'excited' about the work I do
  • It has helped my move from part to full time
  • I keep realizing things about myself and how to learn (light bulb moments)
  • My confidence and motivation have increased
  • I am more proactive, and delegate more
  • The coaching method helped me make decisions quicker using the mind mapping and GROW sheet
  • It got me out of my routine
  • I am doing different things now
  • I feel better as I have delegated a lot now. Processes now all electronic and calls taken if I am out. I have realised I am able to ask others to do things, it's opened my mind to other things
  • I like getting credit for new schemes … x sent me a thank you e-mail
  • It helps me when I know things are done when I delegate them
  • I have been able to get all those things done that were clogging up my head
  • Discussing issues in coaching style made it more empowering/engaging
  • Talking through issues with Karen and my manager together in coaching makes you have more focus, helped me clarify my goals better
  • Allowed me to get onto sorting out the issues in each goal, (using the GROW sheet to break it down)
  • Helped me focus on my priorities and tasks
  • Helped me take a step back and consider what I need to be doing to achieve goals
  • Have asked for more coaching sessions with Karen in the future to help with my long term goals
  • Coaching was definitely worth doing !

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