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Redundancy Coaching in Sheffield

Life coaching, when you are facing redundancy or re-structuring can be very helpful in a number of ways.

Redundancy Coaching Sheffield with Karen Perkins
  • Help you decide whether to stay and apply for a new job or re-deployment, or take redundancy and make a new start
  • Build up your confidence and energy to face interviews and job applications
  • A safe place to talk through issues that you want to face at work, without losing face
  • A safe place to plan ‘how I am going to get that job’ and play to your strengths
  • Make sure you look after yourself at a stressful time

I have done 'rapid results' sessions for people who wish to deal with one particular situation. I follow the same process as with Life coaching, but with a specific focus on what facing redundancy can bring. It is a difficult time for everyone, though the benefit of coaching is that it has lots of different ways to help you uncover and get the results that you, yourself really want.

"Overall, I found the service very useful. It's a bit of a minefield out there and after being in the same role for 30 years there is lots of useful guidance on what to expect and how to get what you want. The help in writing a good CV was most useful - without which it is impossible to get an interview. No interview = no chance of getting the job that you want!"
Coachee July 2018

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