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The Wheel of Life... getting your life in balance

Wheel of Life
  1. Mark on the wheel across each section e.g. join 5 & 5 Feel happy and satisfied with that part of your life? then Score 10. If something needs improving, score 5. Really needs sorting out... It’s a 1.
  2. Just go round quickly putting your first impressions, then go back and complete all the sections.
  3. By joining up all the sections you can see which areas need your attention in order to get your life back in balance, and help you tackle your challenges! Write your dream goals by each section.
  4. Bring it along to your free taster or personal coaching to work on your very own goals & action plan.
  5. Keep your chart and take time to think about the issues you would like to improve and how you might go about it! Can I help you?
  6. Together we will use this to help you set goals for your coaching! Book a free 30 minute coaching taster over coffee or Skype. Call or text 07971881251 to arrange.

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Wheel of Life

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