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Life Coaching in Sheffield

People often choose life coaching to help them improve their work-life or life-life balance. My recent work includes coaching around...

Sheffield Life Coach
  • returning to work after children start school or university
  • achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • juggling caring responsibilities
  • working more or less hours
  • de-cluttering or completing a project at home or work
  • choosing a new career or relationship
  • dealing positively with stress or issues at work
  • making an opportunity out of redundancy
  • planning successful retirement or downsizing

Personal coaching or life coaching is where the coach supports you to uncover what you really wish to achieve, and by listening, carefully questioning and reflecting back to you, helps you understand this fully. The next stage is to show you how to uncover what will motivate you to achieve each of your goals, the steps to achieve them, and who or what can help you.

In the follow up sessions, I help you keep on track and motivated to achieve your goals. I have a whole range of innovative and fun tools, visualisations, mini quizzes and books to recommend, helping you on your journey!

What benefits do people commonly get from life coaching?

Benefits of Life Coaching with Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield
  • More energy and bounce!
  • Improved focus and sense of direction
  • Improved self confidence
  • More self awareness and knowledge of strengths
  • Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  • More motivation
  • Personal effectiveness increases, less procrastination
  • More resilient, creative and able to handle change
  • Satisfaction in achieving a goal

What life coaching isn’t !

  • Therapy, psychotherapy or analysis
  • Structured teaching
  • Someone else solving your problems for you

As a life coach I will not be telling you to go and do something specific, nor doing something for you. If I did this I would be taking the responsibility, and the power away from you. Life Coaching promotes a greater self awareness, and shift in our perspectives. Barriers of self belief are challenged, and individuals open up fresh approaches and ideas.

If you had a problem at work I, as a coach, would help you understand the situation more clearly, develop a range of new ideas or approaches for such situations, help you plan the constructive actions to get the results you want.

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What can you expect from me as a life coach?

Life Coaching offers a kind of support unlike any other you may have experienced. I will focus solely on your situation giving you full attention and commitment. I will ask you a series of questions to draw out how you see yourself and your world, helping you clarify your goals. I will challenge you and help you tease out what motivates you, so you can rise to the challenge and get on and tackle them. This is based on trust and openness so is done confidentially.

Life Coaching follows a carefully planned structure of sessions, and a final review. We will look at how far you have come, and in the final session develop a plan to take away with you so the positive benefits carry on long after the coaching. I provide coaching top ups too, for longer term goals. View my Fees.

Fees and Charges: see the Chance to Change and Rapid Results programme.

See more information about the ethics of coaching.

More coaching

I also offer coaching related to specific areas, such as wellness coaching or parent & teenage coaching.

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